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I am beyond thrilled to accept this Tony nomination on behalf of my Mice and Men team. I still haven’t got over the honour of being given the part, so I’m now a little worried what this new excitement will lead to. Lock up your bunnies!
Chris O’Dowd on his Tony Nomination for Of Mice and Men (via catchmeaneverland)

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UGH SANSA MY OWN MY LOVE MY BESTIE. Seriously, the thing that so much of fandom doesn’t seem to fucking get about Sansa is that all the brains in the Stark family went to Sansa (and possibly a little bit to Bran). Ned was an honorable man, Robb was a good military commander, Jon is shaping up to be a good leader, Arya’s a ruthless badass, Bran thinks that wandering around the woods for two years is a good plan, and Rickon is four so who knows about him, and Cat, marrying into the family, got infected with the dreaded Stark Good Intention Bad Execution Fever. All of them are lovely, wonderful, noble, beautiful dumbasses.

Except Sansa.

After their father’s murder, Sansa and Arya are in more day-to-day danger than anyone else in their family; what’s fascinating is how they deal with the differing dangers in their own way. Arya finds friends, forges ties, fights - and she’s lucky. Freeing Jaqen works out, fortunately; Tywin Lannister takes a liking to her, fortunately; Sandor doesn’t kill her after the Red Wedding puts an end to his plan of getting lots of money for her, fortunately. There’s a lot of crowing about how Sansa wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in Arya’s shoes - but Arya’s survival up to this point is about half skill and half luck.

But Sansa’s survival has hinged entirely on her own skill, on her own ability to seem harmless and biddable and stupid - because she’s had absolutely no luck whatsoever for the past two and a half seasons. She’s already learned the brutal lesson by now that no true knight is going to come and take her away from this - the scene with her and Sandor during the Battle of the Blackwater showed that characterization brilliantly - and that it’s up to her to survive without friends and without hope. And so she has, beautifully. She’s kept her mouth shut and played her part and done as she’s been told - and better yet, she’s fooled those in power into thinking that she does it because she doesn’t know any better, when in reality she’s only pretending to be the girl who still believes in chivalry and romance.

Which is one reason I find Littlefinger’s tactics here so hilarious - he remembers her as the impressionable little girl at the tournament, and so he has carefully styled himself as her true knight, whisking her away from King’s Landing. But this scene shows not just Sansa’s ability to understand how the game is played, but how she sees right through him. She’s flattering him here, calling him smart and outlining his conspiracy so that he’ll think she’s awed by him. She knows exactly what’s happened - that she’s exchanged one cage for another, and that her position is no less dangerous now than it was. Everything hinges on making him happy while giving as little as possible away, and she’s absolutely up for the challenge.

Because that’s par for the course for this girl. This is the girl who, after having been beaten by her own fiance’s guards for his amusement, crawled to her feet and announced that her loyalty lay with her fiance, her true love. And Tyrion - one of the most brilliant political operatives in Westeros - replied, “Lady Stark, you may yet outlive us all.” This is the girl who understood that by helping her husband retrieve a goblet from under a table, she was defying a king - and who was willing to do that for her husband. This is the girl who has found the only place in King’s Landing where she can be alone and still knows that it’s unsafe. This is a smart, smart girl, whose mistakes thus far have been due entirely to ignorance and inexperience. She’s learning fast, though, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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